Waldersen Wedding

Erika and Kevin's absolutely stunning spring wedding in Kohler Wisconsin was a dream to be a part of. Erika had such a well-defined vision from the start, it was easy to help her bring her perfect wedding suite to life. The picturesque backdrop of Kohler, with its stunning flowers, lush greenery, and charming landscapes provided an endless source of inspiration.

The Splendid Swan watercolor crest was Erika and Kevin's focal point and all the other classic details just came together from there. The finishing touches were put into place with a true labor of love as Erika and I hand tied every single set of envelopes and I stamped the final seal in stunning pearl wax to complete the look.

Designing wedding invitations for a spring wedding is always a treat, but to help a couple bring their "french countryside" dream wedding to the midwest made it that much more charming and special.  
Wedding Suite