Forever 21

Forever 21 is a long term email strategy and design client of mine while working at Lev-Cognizant. Since 2021 I've worked closely with the marketing strategy team to revamp F21's entire email system and strategy. Some key highlights have been a revamped design system, incorporating more of a focus on KPIs, as well as accessibility and mobile responsiveness, and a product recommendation  program using Marketing Cloud Personalization. 

We have redesigned many email journeys and ad-hoc emails, including the Welcome series, all transactional sends (including a new BOPIS journey), birthday and anniversary emails, and promotional sends. The redesigns and drastic increase in personalization has allowed Forever 21 to reach their customers in a more seamless way, using smarter, more adaptable technology. 

After revamping the Welcome series, including all new creative, templates and personalization, Forever 21 saw a 121% increase in RPM from the email journey, and an 107% increase in CVR. 
Journey Strategy, Email Design, Copywriting, A/B Testing