Elevation Ally

Elevation Ally is a Bay Area career consulting agency focused on helping collegiate women gain the skills and confidence necessary to reach their career goals. Arlena Jackson, the founder of Elevation Ally, has over twenty years of experience as a communications executive for major corporations, and is a true inspiration for professional women. When I first met Arlena in 2015 I was immediately blown away by her powerful energy and the clear goals she had set for herself and her new company. 

I worked with Arlena to create branding that represented the bold, positive energy of Elevation Ally. The stylized "E" and "A" double as an upward   pointing arrow symbolizing the growth and change EA clients experience when they work with Arlena. Since its initial launch, the Elevation Ally brand has expanded to encompass even more ways to connect ambitious young women with career opportunities, mentors and each other, through step-by-step guides, personal coaching and career summits. 
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Randall Gee
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