Building a More Impactful Email Experience

Huber Engineered Woods was looking for a top-to-bottom email overhaul. The company is well known in the industry for their high-quality industrial products and engineered materials, as well as their educational training resources. Despite being filled with great content, their existing emails weren’t performing well. Most importantly, they weren’t reflective of the high-quality products Huber is known for. My team at Lev performed an audit of several of Huber’s email journeys from a strategic and a creative standpoint, and uncovered areas of improvement. We formulated a plan to redesign the welcome email, a re-permission journey, several product-specific drip campaigns, and their existing Behind the Build newsletters.  

To streamline the email process, I designed a template system to serve as a repository of all content block types Huber might need to build out their future emails. The content blocks in the primary template were designed to be multifunctional and flexible; they would then be combined in different ways to satisfy the full scope of Huber’s email needs. Beyond creating efficiencies, the new template system is designed to minimize the risk of design mistakes, prevent rendering issues, and ensure all emails are mobile responsive. 

The existing email creative was lacking consistency in both the design (imagery, font styles, color palettes) and the amount of copy in each email. Calls to actions (CTAs) weren’t always clear, with many of them either embedded in images or hyperlinked within large copy blocks. Creating a comprehensive template system for Huber allowed us to create more polished designs, while allowing the products and content to shine. These new designs ensure each email has a specific goal; with content blocks and CTAs driving toward desired outcomes. In addition to the template designs, I also worked with the Huber team to create a set of unique, branded icons and a consistent, eye-catching style of imagery to complement the copy and help drive engagement. 

The work completed for Huber Engineered Woods will allow them to continue to grow as one of the leading resources for architects and builders in the industrial products industry. They came to the table with an incredible amount of great content to work with, and I was able to help them streamline their processes and designs to better deliver that content to their customers.