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Building a More Impactful Email Experience

Huber Engineered Woods was looking for a top-to-bottom email overhaul. The company is well known in the industry for their high-quality industrial products and engineered materials, as well as their educational training resources. Despite being filled with great content, their existing emails weren’t performing well. Most importantly, they weren’t reflective of the high-quality products Huber […]

Send Better Emails – How to Use Data to Drive Your Creative

Everyone wants to believe their marketing emails are performing well and driving conversions, but what if the data tells a different story? Even the most beautifully designed emails can fail if they don’t address the specific needs and actions of the customer.  This blog will walk through how to use analytics to take the guesswork […]

IKEA: The Furniture Brand that Never Sleeps

Working in marketing means keeping tabs on trends and innovative thinking at all times. Creativity in everything from branding to social media to advertising is constantly evolving and shifting how we view the world. Every now and then I like to zero in on one company that is doing stand-out work and take a closer […]

What the Crop? How to Tackle Social Media Images

If you’re on social media (you are) and you use images on said social media accounts (you do), you’re probably familiar with the complexities involved. You would think adding social media images would be as easy as choosing something interesting and posting it, but not so fast, pal! That scenario would be a dream come […]

Three Helpful Tips for New Designers

It’s that time of year again. A fresh batch of new designers will be graduating and venturing out to make the world a better looking and more functional place. If you’re one of these new graphic designers, congratulations! Welcome to what has been referred to as “the best/worst career in the world.” This is a really […]

Reminder: Advertising in the 1950s Had No Chill

The history of American advertising is something that has always fascinated me. It’s amazing to see how much the visual aesthetic evolved as a result of the changing times. Consumer needs were constantly changing due to wars, shifts in the economy, advancements in technology and various other factors. Each decade had its own unique style of […]

Add Human Interaction to Your Marketing

I recently found myself 45 minutes deep in a site dedicated to the spaces where artists and designers work. I didn’t actively seek out this behind the scenes experience, it was entirely by chance that I ended up there. Once I snapped out of it and realized how long I had spent procrastinating on the […]

Your Brand is More Than Black and White

You somehow managed to find yourself on this blog post, you probably already know how important branding is. We’ve discussed the different aspects that come together to form a solid brand, and repeatedly reminded you that a brand is more than just a logo. Sure, logos get all the credit and attention, but there’s another […]

Keeping up with Visual Social Media

Social media is a thing most of us either love or love to hate. The most popular social media platforms are constantly evolving and trying to one-up each other. It can be difficult to keep up at times, and often by the time we figure out and get comfortable with the system the next change rolls […]

License Plate Design: The Good, The Bad and the Boring

Everyone loves a good contest, which is why I got a little excited when I heard Indiana’s BMV was allowing people to vote on our state’s next license plate. I knew not to expect too much since license plate designs tend to fall somewhere between mundane and gaudy, with little room for anything attractive or interesting. […]

Shifting to Brand Symbols

Pick up your phone and look at your three most used apps. Now think about how you found them. Did you read the text underneath or did you immediately find what you needed based on the app icons? If you’re like me you probably answered “icons,” and until just a moment ago had completely forgotten […]

You’ve Achieved Brand Success. Now What?

We always talk about the ways companies can improve their branding, but rarely does anyone ever mention what happens once a brand has, for lack of better words, “made it.” No brand is perfect, there’s always room for change and improvement, but for many brands, the day does come when they reach a comfortable level […]
Rush Project

How to Survive a Rush Project Without Losing Your Mind

No one, aside from maybe a racecar driver, wants to feel rushed in their job. Even designers, many who are used to working in a fast paced environment, know that a good outcome takes time. However, that being said, %#*& happens. Sometimes there is no way to avoid a rush project. Last minute changes happen […]

The Ups and Downs of the Hillary Clinton Logo

Don’t worry, this is not going to be another post about politics. The internet is saturated with articles for your reading pleasure, and let’s be honest, you’re only going to read the ones that align with your own beliefs anyways. So check your politics at the door, because this isn’t Facebook and we’re going to […]

How Dangerous is Your Logo Placement?

There is a lot of debate these days on whether a homepage should still be considered the most important page on a website. There’s no doubt this used to be true, but with the current state of social media things have changed. We now have a desire to constantly share and link directly to pages […]