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Inspired Design

One of my coworkers recently wrote a post with advice on what to do when you’re feeling creatively drained and aren’t sure what to blog about. I sometimes face  a similar dilemma so I decided to write about how I stay inspired to design day after day, even when it feels like I’ve hit a creative roadblock. […]

Logo Design Tips

It’s pretty safe to say most people have at least some knowledge or awareness of logos. We see hundreds of them every day, and they affect our decisions without us even realizing it. They cause us to buy things, go places and even feel certain emotions. For something that seems so simple, logo design is […]

Help Me, Help You: Tips for Working with a Graphic Designer

A common misconception about graphic designers is that we are only concerned with making things pretty. This is far from true. Any good designer will tell you the end goal is always to help your business succeed. That is why it’s so important to have a good relationship with your designer. It lets us do […]

Fashion Logo Lookbook

New York, London, Milan and Paris Fashion weeks have all come and gone. While the industry is still buzzing about the new trends for spring, I wanted to talk about an aspect of fashion that’s often overlooked, but which is clearly relevant to my interests: iconic fashion logos. Like all companies, high-end fashion brands spend […]

Apple’s Not-So-Secret Admirer

A couple weeks ago, my boss came back to my desk with a certain mischievous look on her face that always sends me straight into panic mode. I know all too well this means she’s either got something up her sleeve, or she’s hoping I do. She tried to be casual as she said “soooo, what […]